si cantik dan si kacak

Saturday, June 28, 2008


im so bored lately..i lurv 2 hangout wif ma frenz bt nw they r 2 bz wif their stdy..there were many suckz things happened lately..l really want 2 share ma probz wif sumones...just ma bf besides me..tq bb!

im worried if ma frenz,hafiez feel hurts oon wut i did 2 him..btw,i hv ma bf since i noe him.but dat day he ask me either i hv sumone special or not..should i lie 2 him?coz i need him 2 even i hv ma bb..argh!,wuts on ma head?seems like im not happy kan?im happy wif ma life nw compared wif ma past..
nw pun hafiez cam nk avoid dr feel weird ble msge wif him..i do lurv ma bf lots but in da same time i lurv 2 be frenz wif hafiez it ok 4 both of them?

argh!its totally dropping my mood!
i dun want 2 think bout it!!ever!

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