si cantik dan si kacak

Sunday, February 15, 2009

i wondering why i have no mood at all to say something @ here despite there were many things happened lately...arrgghh!!!!freakin ma self!

i was like drafted it seriously no mood to post it!seems like im not happy.yeah.wuts on my head?im not sure.

honestly ok i do have financial problem which is sucks.i dunt wanna think of it..its totally dropping my mood.

p/s:bro!sis!,please add up my allowance. im totally broke.urgh,please!!!! i was like so kesian to often askin mymom..she's not working.kdg2 aku kesian sgt ngan my tue r kan,of course no monthly income.but,she will give whenever i ask..just give few reasons cm.should i kesian?im the only yg studying.i love my parents more than everything... of course i need to use those money kan. huh.just give me some more.i promise ill not spoil. cam rindu ari aye lak!!!dpt banyk duet raye....hehe..(da ganti puase ker?

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