si cantik dan si kacak

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I love to talk. Love to share my thought..
But ill try not to irritate anybody with all my words. I try so hard…take those words as d idea for living the life..coz to be human. Please everybody n being perfect was a big no-no.. (:

i know him since 5/10/2008...since dat aku rase cam happy sangat..he knows my desire 2 be the best..n sometimes bit unpredictable with all silly matter..hahahks....ape aku merepek nie..hehe..

aku kan nk sangat chantek tp simple..erm..

i lurv 2 be like her but mesti ker aku jd perfect cam ape yg aku nampk even dalam hti die aku xkenal die..i noe dat i should appreciate with wut i hv...thanks god.

she's just the girl who has everything.

yes,to be my secret dream..but hey..

y did i have to dream of being somebody else?well.get real.its not gonna works.
- do i have to remove the spot at my legs b4 im goin out with him?
- is it wrong to wear the same shirts that i had wearing last week?
- is it weird to have pimple at my cheek?
- should i just have fuccin salad for my lunch n my dinner just to stay in shape 4ever?

i love 2 be nursyazwanie....p/s : cherish da golden moment n appreciate all wut u hv bfore everythings gone...

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